A neo-noir fever dream and a 120 decibel suicide note, from Christopher Brett Bailey.


A bold, hysterical and sublime programme of duets from dancers Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley (AKA Nora).


Created by Andy Field, an encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer, high up overlooking the city.


Christopher Brett Bailey's Americana death trip is a spiralling odyssey of nightmarish prose

Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me

Made In China's uncompromising show about the compromises we make.

The Body

Nigel Barrett & Louise's Mari's Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award show co-produced with the Barbican.

DANCE CLASS: a performance

Gillie Kleiman's danceclassperformance.

Walkie Talkies

A festival of curious adventures in the Olympic Park, from some of the UK’s most exciting theatre artists.


Gate Theatre's award-winning and critically acclaimed play, about drone warfare.

A Lyrical Dance Concert

A party in a comedy double act in a cabaret show in a gig in an experimental dance performance.

put your sweet hand in mine

A performance by Andy Field and Ira Brand about love; what we think it is and the other things that it might be.

The Future Show

Deborah Pearson's solo show about what is expected, foreseen and ultimately unknowable about the future.

If Destroyed Still True

A show by Molly Naylor, about youth, friendship and our relationship with our teenage selves.

Northern Stage at St Stephen's

An Edinburgh Fringe venue hosting the most unusual and exciting theatre made in the Greater North of England.

Forest Fringe Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

Turning people's dreams into super8 silent films.

Lucy and the Hawk

A comedy about loneliness, and peregrine falcons.


Happenstance - Caper

A creative technologist residency programme, designed to change the way arts organisations use technology.

Curious Collectors

A live art installation for young people at the Natural History Museum.

transmediale festival

An annual international festival for contemporary art and digital culture, which takes place in Berlin.


An international festival of art, music and ideas.


Wunderbar Festival

A biennial live art and performance festival, nurturing a culture of curiosity.


A Wondrous Place

Four short dramas on four contemporary Northern cities.

Iranian Voices

A collection of radio plays produced for the Swedish National Theatre.

Northern Stages

A programme of work about northernness across the globe, presented at Northern Stage.

Phenomenal People

Part of Fuel Theatre's celebration of inspiring women for Women Of the World Festival 2012.

Design Event Festival

An annual festival with a programme of design based exhibitions and events across North East England.

Write Around the Toon

A web-based, self-guided, creative writing tour of Newcastle and Gateshead.

Let's Make Mischief

A city-wide treasure hunt for the closing night of the Northern Lights Film Festival 2010.

The Black Page

A cross-platform, interactive entertainment experience, exploring the interaction between music and cinema.