Curious Collectors

The Natural History Museum commissioned artist Andy Field to create the third in a series of innovative and fun live art events, which I was asked to produce.

_Curious Collectors_ was an interactive installation, involving a team of performers playing the part of a team of scientific researchers trying to complete the ambitious task of collecting everything there is to know about the museum.  The scientists enlisted the help of young museum visitors to collect the sights, sounds, questions and people of the museum.  The pictures, audio recordings and questions were fed back into the installation, creating a living breathing archive.  

Our brief was to create an engaging and fun way to draw visitors to the Darwin Centre and encourage them to value the organisation as a place for fun, playful and participatory activities, as well as emphasising the scientific research which takes place within the museum. The five day event was highly succesful and over 7,000 visitors interacted with Curious Collectors.