Forest Fringe Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

Latitude Festival commissioned Forest Fringe to create a fun and unique experience for 2013 festival goers, which I was asked to produce.

Forest Fringe collected people’s dreams each day - some were favourite dreams, or the most exciting, or the most ludicrous. The dreams were described to our dream collectors, and then transformed into spectacular, hand-made dream sequences. 

Using a super8 camera, a team of Forest Fringe artists, all the props and costumes we could fit in the back of a van, and a cast made up of performers and willing members of the public, we made people’s dreams come true. This was a breathless, spontaneous, cinematic experiment travelling across the festival site.

Forest Fringe is a community of unusual performance artists making space for risk and experimentation at the Edinburgh Festival and beyond. Led by co-directors Andy Field and Deborah Pearson and Ira Brand, they have created everything from festivals and residencies to a travelling library of sounds and to a series of performances on night buses travelling across London.