KISSING THE SHOTGUN GOODNIGHT, a neo-noir fever dream and a 120 decibel suicide note. Bailey’s words deliver a linguistic kaleidoscope of caustic cartoons, crackpot prophesies and demented erotica. a dense, poetic blend of the hallucinogenic and the hardboiled, all set to a warped collision of haunting musics and ear-popping noise. a sumptuous, cinematic melting pot of psycho-acoustic trickery, futurist soundscaping and dark psychedelia.

recommended for those with an aural fixation.
no kids. no dogs. rated R. 100 mins. colour, 3D.

A new show created by Christopher Brett Bailey. 

Written by Christopher Brett Bailey 
Scored and performed by Alicia Jane Turner, George Percy and Christopher Brett Bailey

Premieres at Ovalhouse, London 6-11 October 2016

Touring to: 
Theatre in the Mill, Bradford 19 & 20 October
Cambridge Junction 26 October
Chaper Arts Centre, Cardiff 2 & 3 November
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts 24 November

For touring enquiries please get in touch.