put your sweet hand in mine

This is a show about love.

It is a show about candlelight and longing and catching the eye of a stranger unexpectedly in the theatre or on a train. It is a show about romance. But it is also a show about battlefields and power cuts and power ballads, about thunderstorms and wildly flocking birds.

We invite you to imagine being in love, and all the many different meanings that might have. We invite you to imagine yourself in Paris. We invite you to imagine yourself looking up and unexpectedly catching the eye of the person sitting opposite you.

_put your sweet hand in mine_ is an intimate show by Andy Field and Ira Brand, which toured the UK in 2014.

Created by Andy Field and Ira Brand 
Produced by Beckie Darlington 
Dramaturgy by James Stenhouse

Tour Dates 2014
February 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22 – Battersea Arts Centre 
March 6 – ARC, Stockton 
March 7, 8 – Northern Stage 
March 19 – Norwich Arts Centre 
March 26 – Colchester Arts Centre 
March 30 - Transform14 at West Yorkshire Playhouse
April 25 – Warwick Arts Centre
June 6, 7 - Bike Shed Theatre

For more information please get in touch.

Developed at Battersea Arts Centre and ARC Stockton. Supported by Arts Council England.