The Body

A theatrical exploration of the body, this intimate performance uses pervasive media and a diverse cast of dolls to consider what it is to be alive and human.  

Two charismatic performers, live sound and video design animate a series of compelling, communal interactions. Seated in a small group, the experience can only begin when you have all attached your heart-rate monitors. 

Winners of The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2015, Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari make wild, bold, visual performance for people who don’t really like theatre and unusual theatrical experiences for those who do.

Collaborating with technologists, they have created this unusual theatrical event as a ‘paean to life in all its dark beauty and complexity.’

Premiering at the Barbican 19 - 29 November 2015. Further info and booking here.

Creative Team:
By Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari 
Performed by Jess Latowicki and Nigel Barrett 
Sound by Lewis Gibson 
Set design by Myriddin Wannell 
Lighting by Richard Williamson 
Technologists Tim Burrell-Saward and Henry Cooke 
Video by Dom Martin and Mateusz Odrobny 
Produced by Beckie Darlington